Ultimate Guide To Buy Air Cooler In India

T he air cooler is the best option to get relief from the heat on sunny days. Air cooler is an inexpensive home appliance that is beneficial for protecting yourself during superheating. Air Cooler is the best replacement for Air Conditioner. As Air conditioner is also one of the best cooling home appliances. But, Compare to the air conditioner, an air cooler is perfect for your budget and delivers the most acceptable cooling. An air cooler is more efficient than an air conditioner. 

There are many other benefits of the air cooler like throwing cool air, portable, variety to pick suitable, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain. You can save much from your pocket when you pick the air cooler for your limited usage. An air cooler is the best way to protect yourself from the heat and sweat.

Many coolers and their popular brands are there to choose the suitable one. Many individuals go with the price to choose the right air cooler or other essential home appliance. Likewise, Visiting https://10bestbeasts.com/best-cooler-under-5000/ would be worth picking the budget-friendly air cooler in India. You can easily choose a cooler after reading the buying guide.

Which Typer Of Cooler Suits your Finding?

Personal Air Coolers
Personal air coolers are small in the size. They are also known as 'mini coolers'.  This air cooler is the most suitable for those who are individually required cooling options. Personal air coolers are the most popular for being budget-friendly with power efficiency. It will occupy the small space in your room. You can choose the personal air coolers for the smaller room to get an effective cooling experience.

Tower Air Coolers

As per the name, Tower Air coolers are vertically long than a personal air cooler. The tower air cooler is great into deliver the cool air in your room. You can find many features in this type of air cooler. Like, It is perfect for cooling a larger area. It'll occupy some space to install. This one is the best air cooler to think about choosing the right one.

Window Air Coolers
A window cooler is great for easy installing a cooler at the window frame. It occupies some space inside the home because it's another part that remains outside of the house. You can easily set up and use it, But a bit harder to maintain. Also, It is more expensive than the personal and tower air cooler. Ultimately choosing this cooler means you can save energy expenses. 

Desert Air Coolers
A Desert air cooler is suitable for humid weather areas. It's most suited for those areas where lower humidity and high temperature. This air cooler is larger than the personal air cooler. The desert air cooler can use for cooling the large room. You can also use this air cooler outside of the home. 

After Knowing the type of coolers, you can buy one as per your requirements. Each cooler comes with different functionality and features.

Key Features to Keep in Mind Before Buying An Air Cooler

Water Tank Capacity
Water tank capacity is the essential factor to consider while choosing an air cooler. The simplest funda is a larger water tank in a cooler that will serve longer cool air. Also, Water tank capacity affects the room size or area. Choosing the larger capacity water tank would be great for the larger area.

Cooling Pads
The cooling pad is another vital part of the air cooler to consider when choosing the best air cooler. You may find different cooling pads like wool wood, aspen pads, and Honeycomb pads. Honeycomb is thicker and easy to maintain. You can choose an air cooler that has honeycomb cooling pads.

Powerful Air Flow

Air Flow is an essential factor in cooling appliances. It can measure by the CPF. Generally, It denotes the amount of air circulated in the total area. In the air cooler, airflow depends on the used blower or fan. Also, You can find regulators in various air coolers to control the airflow and temperature.

Other impactful features that are worth finding in the cooler,
    1. Noise Level
    2. Room Capacity
    3. Power Efficient
    4. Remote control
    5. Additional Ice Chamber
    6Water level Indicator
    7. Mosquito Net

What are the reliable coolers brands in India that serve quality air coolers?
    1. Bajaj
    2. Maharaja Whiteline
    3. Symphony
    4. Usha
    5. Havells
    6. Orient
    7. Crompton
    8. Kenstar
    9. Vistara
    10. Hindware 

It's mandatory to get advice from an expert before buying a home appliance. I hope this guide will help you to experience a perfect air cooler. Also, the budget plays an important role in buying cooling appliances. So, It'd be easy and worthy to pick the right air cooler after getting aware of the air cooler's specifications and features.